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Mike Quevedo, Jr., began his career with the Los Angeles Laborers Local 300 Union in 1952 working as a Laborer at
Pershing Square. The following year in 1953, he worked as a Hod Carrier for the first time. Work was slow, and so he
went back and worked as a Laborer at San Fernando High School in the San Fernando Valley briefly before getting back
to carrying the hod as a Hod Carrier for nearly two decades. Because of Mike’s work ethic and commitment to the
Labor Movement in 1969 he was elected to the Executive Board of Laborers Local 300, and in 1979 the membership
elected him Business Manager of Local 300.

Mike was appointed Vice President of the Southern California District Council of Laborers in 1983 and became
President of the Council in 1987.

In 1994 Mike left his position as Business Manager of Local 300 to become Business Manager of the Southern
California District Council, a position he still holds. Also in 1994 he was elected Vice President of the Laborers’
International Union of North America.

Mike serves as Chairman on the Southern California Laborers’ Pension Trust, Laborers’ Health & Welfare Trust,
Laborers’ Vacation Trust, and Laborers’ Training and Retraining Trust. Mike also serves as Trustee on two national
Laborers’ Trusts, the Laborers’-AGC Training and Education Trust and the Laborers’-Employers Cooperation and
Education Trust, both based in Washington, D.C. He is also National Executive Board member of the Labor Council for
Latin American Advancement. Mike also sits on the Executive Board of the Los Angeles County Federation of Labor.

In 1998, Mike was appointed to the Board of Trustees of the California Public Employees Retirement System, the largest
public employee trust in the nation providing retiree and health insurance benefits for over 1.4 million employees,
retirees, and their families. Mike was reappointed to this position in 2004 serving until he retired in 2007.

A vocal advocate of the trade union movement, Mike Quevedo has been an innovative force in the Southern California
labor community. While at Local 300, Mike formed the “Jobs Committee,” an organization that helped obtain public
works projects in the area for Union members. As Business Manager of Local 300, he introduced identification cards,
Basic English classes, and blueprint reading classes for the membership. He also established a program to assist
members to legalize their immigration status soon after the AFL-CIO created the Labor Immigrant Assistance Project
(LIAP) and the California Immigrant Workers Association following the passage of the Immigration Reform and Control
Act of 1986. He was also a driving force in ensuring that the members were compensated for their asbestos claims.

Mike’s implementation of innovative programs has continued during his tenure at the Southern California District
Council of Laborers. He was instrumental in making the Laborers an apprenticeable craft in Southern California by
establishing the Construction Laborers Apprenticeship Program. Mike has promoted the retraining of journeyman
Laborers to keep up with new construction technology by making the training readily accessible through “mobile
training,” where the instructors and training tools are brought directly to members throughout Southern California. His
vision for a premier training facility was realized with the construction of the Training and Apprenticeship School for
Laborers in Southern California, aptly named the Mike Quevedo, Jr. Training School in Azusa, California.

In his pursuit of better wages and benefits for Laborers, Mike has overseen the upgrading of Laborers pension benefits
which now are among the highest in the country and the improvement of health and dental benefits for the membership.
Under his direction, the Council filed a petition with the Public Utilities Commission, which resulted in a historic
decision by the PUC directing the payment of prevailing wages for all workers on PUC construction projects.

Mike has allocated millions of dollars each year to his effort to organize non-union construction workers in Southern
California. Under his supervision, the District Council Organizing Department now has over 30 organizers in the field,
and continues to increase the Laborers Union’s market share in Southern California.

Mike’s efforts on behalf of working men and women has resulted in better wages, benefits and working conditions for
Laborers and other workers throughout Southern California and across the nation. Along with his innovative leadership
and his no nonsense approach he has championed many political candidates into office with his support and get out the
vote programs through the Laborers’ Unions in Southern California. To this day Mike continues to oversee the
Laborers’ CA State Legislative Council in Sacramento and its vital role in tracking key political issues with
Transportation California, California for Economic and Environmental Balance, California/Hispanic Chamber of
Commerce, Alliance for Jobs, Association of California Water agencies, Employer Associations (Construction Industry),
Affordable Housing Coalition (Business groups, employer groups and labor), Coalition Group on Diesel (Cleaner Fuels),
Construction Industry Force Account Committee, and California Foundation on Environment and Economy.

Through the Laborers’ CA State Legislative Council Mike makes sure his lobbyist maintain close working relationship
with EDD, Labor Commissioners office, Contractors State License Board, DIR, and Cal-OSHA


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